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Learn how to make submissions to our generic readership.

snappa-1448188621How to Submit

Writing for the National IRO Manager Partnership is unpaid, but we can get your writing on the issues you care about in front of our broad readership. The key criteria is that articles fit with the core principles of ethical, value-driven social work and social care practice.


Here is how to make a submission.

Target Audience

Our target audience is IROs, social care and the wider helping professions, carers and families. We like to provide news, information, and resources addressing concerns on children in care and care leavers, safeguarding, workforce & practice development, social justice, human rights, education, health, research,  etc.

Getting Started 

Once the materials are received, an author account will be created if the article is accepted for publication. After the author account is created, you will be notified when your article goes live or you’ll be notified if your article has been rejected.

  • Articles should be submitted via a Word document.
  • Articles length should be at minimum 500 words, but no more than 2000 words
  • When using Quotes, Articles, Data, Studies, Statistics, Books etc, the items should note the reference source within the article.
  • First and Last Name, and you can also list any credentials or student status. A short Bio is preferable (role, interest and experience in the subject matter)
  • Contact Email Address is required for administrative purposes only and will not be shared or published without consent.

Article Format

Can be written in first person or how you would write for an informal personal blog. The aim is easy reading and focusing on how your article will positively influence or impact its reader.


When referencing a source, give the web address where possible.


Provide basic details below and we will be in touch.

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