Language That Cares | PCF @TACTCare #spreadtheword

Language That Cares   A glossary of words and terms that aims to change the language of the care system has been published.  Language That Cares is a collaborative effort led by adoption and fostering charity TACT (The Adolescent and Children’s Trust) and the charity’s children and care experienced young people, with contributions from 15... Continue Reading →

#LGBT youth in care resources

It has become clear that there is very limited information for or about LGBTQI young people in care. There is an ad hoc, react as we go approach across many local authorities, care agencies, foster carers, social workers and health professionals. Some may be doing excellent work but it has been hard to identify that... Continue Reading →

The Care Leavers Christmas 2018 | Aine Kelly #cep

The Care Leavers Christmas 2018 by Aine Kelly in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England: Megan and I are care leavers and we are trying to create a Christmas for other care leavers who will be spending Christmas alone. Nobody deserves to feel alone at Christmas! In 2016 we both attended the Oxfordshire Care Leavers Christmas – which some of you may remember.... Continue Reading →

Foster families who ignore race are participating in a pernicious form of racism | Media Diversified #cep

Derek Owusu draws on personal experiences to argue that there needs to be more education about the needs of black children when being fostered I was eight years old when I first realised I was black. Before that, all I saw myself as was a ‘different kind of person’.  No colour attached, but of course, visibly... Continue Reading →

On Social Workers | By Lemn Sissay

Originally posted on December 1, 2018 by Lemn Sissay  Shouldn’t our government and the well being of society be assessed above all by how it treats its child, the child in its care?  If the answer is yes then it stands to reason  that social workers should be the highest paid workers  in local government.... Continue Reading →

How a care-leaver self-published his childhood story and was invited to European Parliament | Ben Westwood

How a care-leaver self-published his childhood story and was invited to European Parliament Please watch and share: In less than a year debut-author, street musician and care-leaver Ben Westwood’s book Poems From a Runaway has gone from strength-to-strength as social workers, foster parents, missing children’s charities and safeguarding boards embrace his... Continue Reading →

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