For Young People


We’re devoting this page to children and young people with care experience.

If you need help in understanding anything on these pages, ask a grown-up who you trust to go through it with you.

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Always Heard

We are proud supporters of the The National Advocacy Safety Net and Advice Service for Children and Young People.

Care experienced?

Want support?  Want to know about your rights? Not getting the support you need? Or do you just want some help or to be listened to?

You can also email Always Heard at

Online you can fill in one of their online forms to send a message to the Always Heard team

Always Heard opening times are Monday to Friday 9.30am–6pm and Saturday 10am–4pm.

If English is not your first language, you can ask the helpline to get an interpreter on the line (they have access to over 240 languages from the LanguageLine service).

They’re really good. They’ll always try to help you straight away. If they can’t, they’ll get back to you as soon as possible and always within 24 hours.

Care experienced? Want support? Listen to Esther’s story

Find your advocate!

There are different advocacy services for each Local Authority area across the country. Coram Voice’s Always Heard team maintains the national database of these service. This is the most accurate and up to date list of advocacy services.

If you want to contact your local advocacy service directly, click on our simple-to-use tool Find your advocate 

If you can’t get an advocate locally, or just need some advice get in touch on 0808 800 5792 and we’ll help.

Speak up for yourself

Learn more about your rights and entitlements and how you can speak out for yourself. Use Coram’s online resources now:

What are my rights and entitlements?  Learn about the support you should be getting from your social workers and others.

Am I a care leaver?  Leaving Care made simple – your online guide to what support you can expect as you leave care.

Making a complaint? – Its good to speak out when things go wrong. You can use this information and our online complaints tool to raise concerns with Children’s Services.

Free legal information for you – Coram Children’s Legal Centre also provide children and young people with advice about being in care and everything else you need to know about your rights as a young person.

We think the Always Heard advocates are great – they’re there to help so get in touch if you want advice, or the help of an advocate.

Always Heard is funded by the Department for Education

Coram Voice’s Always Heard service delivers the Department for Education’s Advocacy Safety Net and Advice Service (England) for Children and Young People.

Always Heard is the only national service in England that can provide safety net advocacy support to children and young people who cannot access the local support they are entitled to.

Find out more about the the work of Always Heard by reading this report Always Heard: The First 12 months.

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