Government faces criticism in House of Lords for ‘preferential’ adoption focus

"A member of the House of Lords has criticised the government for an unfair focus on adoption reform above other permanency options, during a debate on the new education and adoption bill. Lord Watson of Invergowrie, Labour’s spokesperson on education in the Lords, said it was “wrong for adoption to be singled out for preferential treatment... Continue Reading →

Ofsted: examples of common weaknesses

Local authority children’s services judged inadequate: examples of common weaknesses These powerpoint slides give a summary of common weaknesses in local authorities that were judged inadequate in the inspections, between January and May 2015, under the single inspection framework: Common weaknesses in local authorities judged inadequate under the single inspection framework: a summary See Ofsted's summary of... Continue Reading →

Section 20 arrangements shake-up expected for social workers following Munby guidance

  Latest ruling from family courts chief could be as influential for practice with voluntary care arrangements as Re B-s has been in adoption. Section 20 guidance for social workers 'Munby’s guidance for social workers as set out in the Re N judgment: – Where possible, the agreement of a parent to a section 20... Continue Reading →

Parents’ voices & their experience of services

http:// Register now. Speakers incl @KarenBUoM on mothers whose children are removed & @WomenCentreCK Mothers Apart Project. — Cathy Ashley (@CathyAshley) November 21, 2015 // Parents, practitioners, managers. Book a place on the FREE 'Parents' voices' conf 2nd Dec — YourFamilyYourVoice (@yrfamilyyrvoice) November 17, 2015 //

Children’s services could be hit by deprivation of liberty burden after High Court ruling

http:// Children’s services could be hit by deprivation of liberty burden after High Court ruling — Community Care (@CommunityCare) November 19, 2015   "Local authorities must consider whether looked-after children are being deprived of their liberty, but they cannot consent to the deprivation without applying to the High Court, a judge has confirmed." Read... Continue Reading →

Isabelle Trowler: Knowledge and skills statements

http:// Knowledge and skills statements for Practice Supervisors & Practice Leaders published - Publications - GOV.UK — Isabelle Trowler (@IsabelleTrowler) November 19, 2015 // This statement of knowledge and skills provides the basis for accrediting Practice Supervisors in child and family social work: GOV.UK (2015) Knowledge and skills statements for practice leaders and practice... Continue Reading →

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