High Court: Family Rights Between Biological Parents And Their Children End Upon Adoption

"In a recent case in the High Court in which a mother battled relentlessly for years to recover her daughter from the care system, a judge has ruled that Article 8 rights, the right to a private life and family life, cease upon the creation of an adoption order." Originally posted on: Researching Reform Author:... Continue Reading →

Children’s Services Improvement work

Alison O'Sullivan | ADCS President | Director for Children and Young People, Kirklees Council | Blog post originally posted on ADCS website: 18 September 2015 Alison comments: "I think it's time we all took two steps back to consider how we want to ensure that there is a clear set of arrangements in place to... Continue Reading →

Couple win damages for Hackney keeping their children in care

A MUST READ. Please discuss and share with colleagues.


[There are some VERY IMPORTANT rulings about section 20 in this judgment, which was in the High Court. Practitioners, particularly social workers or those who advise social workers are urged to read it in full. I will put a huge IMPORTANT flag on the key passages]

This story came to my attention via The Guardian


The bare bones of this story were that a Hackney family had eight children removed from their care by the police, that the main issue was home conditions that could be fixed very quickly, and that the parents successfully sued Hackney under a variety of methods (including the one that’s always popular Beneath the Line here with commenters, “misfeasance in public office” ) and won on the Human Rights Act part of the case, receiving £10,000 compensation each.

The report is good, clear and compelling, and accurate.   [The author has clearly read the judgment…

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Bad week for Gloucestershire continues to get worse



I wrote on Wednesday about Gloucestershire social workers getting a hard time from His Honour Judge Wildblood QC, and it is only Friday and they are getting another. For many of the same issues

C1 and C2 (Children :Section 20 of the Children Act) 2015


  1. This is the third case that I have seen this week where this Local Authority has allowed there to be protracted use of the accommodation of children under section 20 of The Children Act 1989. Without descending into full legal analysis of the statute ‘section 20 accommodation’ arises when a parent agrees that a Local Authority should arrange where a child is to live. With their mother’s agreement, therefore, the two children involved in this case went to live with foster carers in September 2013 and have remained with the same carers for over two years. In its own case summary the Local Authority says:…

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High Court judge praises social worker’s ‘outstanding contribution’ to radicalisation case

The 16-year-old girl was taken into local authority care after videos of executions and photos of corpses were found on electronic devices belonging to family members and herself Source: High Court judge praises social worker’s ‘outstanding contribution’ to radicalisation case


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