ISIL child brides: a big care problem for the Family Court?

A very interesting blog about this complex area of practice. It was first posted on August 27, 2015 by ROSALIND ENGLISH on UK Human Rights Blog site.

UK Human Rights Blog

isis-islamic-state-528116London Borough Tower of Hamlets v B [2015] EWHC 2491 (Fam) 21 August 2015 – read judgment 

When a judge waxes lyrical about a child, garlanded with starred GCSEs, their intelligence, their medical school ambitions, you wonder what is coming. It’s the judicial equivalent of those blurred reproductions in the press of murder victims’  graduate portraits. In this case, a sixteen year old girl “B”, the subject of a careful but nevertheless alarming judgment in the Family Division, turned out to be one of the many girls groomed by their family for exodus to Syria; all of whom appear to be:

intelligent young girls, highly motivated academically, each of whom has, to some and greatly varying degrees, been either radicalised or exposed to extreme ideology promulgated by those subscribing to the values of the self-styled Islamic State.

B herself seemed unoppressed by the situation she was in and indeed wrote…

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Re X (Discharge of Care Order) 2015

Came across another great blog by suesspiciousminds. This one involves judicial criticism of the IRO and Looked After Child review process. Link to the judgement: Re X (Discharge of Care Order) 2015 Suesspicious minds blog: Discharge of care order (IRO takes a kicking) Posted on June 29, 2015 Comment The IRO is intended to be a robust mechanism designed to... Continue Reading →

Concurrent affairs

Source: suspicious minds Date posted: September 24th, 2015 “Do foster to adopters have a stake within care proceedings and can make their arguments just as any other interested party, or ought they stay out of it and just wait for the Court to decide whether this is an adoption case at all?” The Court of... Continue Reading →

High Court: Family Rights Between Biological Parents And Their Children End Upon Adoption

"In a recent case in the High Court in which a mother battled relentlessly for years to recover her daughter from the care system, a judge has ruled that Article 8 rights, the right to a private life and family life, cease upon the creation of an adoption order." Originally posted on: Researching Reform Author:... Continue Reading →

Children’s Services Improvement work

Alison O'Sullivan | ADCS President | Director for Children and Young People, Kirklees Council | Blog post originally posted on ADCS website: 18 September 2015 Alison comments: "I think it's time we all took two steps back to consider how we want to ensure that there is a clear set of arrangements in place to... Continue Reading →

Couple win damages for Hackney keeping their children in care

A MUST READ. Please discuss and share with colleagues.


[There are some VERY IMPORTANT rulings about section 20 in this judgment, which was in the High Court. Practitioners, particularly social workers or those who advise social workers are urged to read it in full. I will put a huge IMPORTANT flag on the key passages]

This story came to my attention via The Guardian

The bare bones of this story were that a Hackney family had eight children removed from their care by the police, that the main issue was home conditions that could be fixed very quickly, and that the parents successfully sued Hackney under a variety of methods (including the one that’s always popular Beneath the Line here with commenters, “misfeasance in public office” ) and won on the Human Rights Act part of the case, receiving £10,000 compensation each.

The report is good, clear and compelling, and accurate.   [The author has clearly read the judgment…

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