Child-centred reviews

Courtesy of the Children’s Involvement Team (CIT), Sheffield City Council, worked with Sheffield’s Independent Reviewing Service to develop a Child Centred Review process. Background CIT used an existing child centred review model developed by Helen Sanderson Associates for SEN reviews and, working in partnership with Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs) from Sheffield City Council, developed a... Continue Reading →

Child-focused Care Planning and Review Processes

Brighton and Hove Safeguarding and Review Service. We believe that work with all children needs to happen at their pace, with workers able to tailor their approach to the meet the child’s communication needs and attachment style. It also requires a commitment by the corporate parent, the local authority, to make sure workers have the... Continue Reading →

Do You Know? training

Courtesy of: Bracknell Forest – SE Region Do you know? training I am an IRO manager in Bracknell Forest in Berkshire. In February half term I attended a ‘Do you know’ training session led by young people in who are care experienced. The IROs in the team had all done the training and I wanted... Continue Reading →

Unprotected, overprotected

This report looks at how services are meeting the needs of young people with learning disabilities who experience, or are at risk of, sexual exploitation and warns that a low level of understanding of learning disabilities can prevent social workers from properly protecting children from sexual exploitation. Source: released by Barnardo's on 10th September and posted on Community... Continue Reading →

Groundbreaking move by government

The government has launched a new online tool for schools across the country to give parents and carers the best possible advice and tips on preparing children for adult life. Children now grow up in a world where computer technology and life on the internet is the norm. With access at their fingertips, it can be even... Continue Reading →

Why Virtual Schools Should Support Adopted Children

3An interesting blog piece written from the perspective of an adoptive parent, Gareth Marr.

Gareth Marr

“Adopted children are likely to be the most traumatised children in the country. They have been adopted because they cannot go back to their birth family. Their life and sanity is so threatened that they have to be totally severed from their previous existence. Many Children in Care will go back to their birth families. Those with Special Guardianship Orders or Child Arrangement Orders can have contact with their birth family. Their identity, who they are, where they come from, has not been severed and they have not been placed with strangers.” 

This quote came from my presentation to a seminar my Local Authority held in June on extending the support of our Virtual School to adopted and other vulnerable children. You can see the programme here: Agenda-DCS seminar programme It caused a few gasps amongst the audience of children care professionals and Virtual School staff. Of course they will have…

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