Care Proceedings: Outcomes for children

Research funded by the Department of Health 'What Happened Next' (2014) has examined decision-making for children in care proceedings and has found that: Decisions made in care proceedings can contribute to reducing the odds of poor developmental outcomes for 'maltreated' (sic) children. Substitute families and apparent changes in birth families were associated with improvements in the children’s relationships and adaptation.... Continue Reading →

How ‘Patrick’ was helped to return home

This scenario shows how IROs’ use of professional ‘challenge’ enabled professionals to re-consider the significance of the child’s relationship with family. While recognising that it may occasionally be better for a child to stay separated from their family or to have limited contact, this scenario reminds us of the importance of robust assessment and family... Continue Reading →

IROs be warned: “Fast and the Furious – Tunbridge Wells Drift”

Posted on October 21, 2015 by suesspiciousminds All IROs should make the time to read this important blog about S20 drift Extract "... an important check and balance on social worker’s actions or inactions is supposed to be the Independent Reviewing Officer system. The IROs are supposed to hold social workers to account and make sure that things like this don’t happen.  There are... Continue Reading →

Special Guardianship Orders

Are decisions being made for the child, or the local authority? Community Care has asked leaders from the adoption, kinship care and fostering sectors for their views on how the rise in special guardianship orders has impacted permanency. EXTRACT "What we are seeing now, firstly through anecdote and now more robustly through the Research in Practice... Continue Reading →

Councils not outsourcing child protection despite legal change

Only four councils (two of which were forced) have delegated child protection functions to a third party provider since a controversial change in the law made by the government last year Read full article at source: Councils not outsourcing child protection despite legal change

Learning resources free online

These online learning resources are free and will be helpful to some parents and carers as well as professionals. Source: future learn Brief article: Bonding with the unborn baby  The University of Warwick Video: Why babies need experiences (04:53) Professor Jane Barlow: concepts of experience-expectant and experience-dependent brain development. The University of Warwick Video: Babies in Mind The University of Warwick Video: Understanding other... Continue Reading →

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