Date April 2021

NIROMP Chair, Sharon Martin said:

“NIROMP’s Strategic Vision and Priorities are based on the key principles of working collaboratively towards a better understanding and a better future.

“All children and young people deserve the same life chances and opportunities, care and safety whatever their experience, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, language, abilities, size, shape or any other status, whatever they think or say, whatever their family background, wherever they live, they should have equal opportunities to fulfil their potential.

“Common to all of this is the belief that by pooling our knowledge, skills and assets we’re better placed to work alongside children, young people, their families and communities to identify and respond to any challenges together.

“Through the Covid-19 pandemic this emphasis on pooling resources, gaining strength from each other and lifting each other up has felt ever present. Our Communities of Practice and regional networks have grown from strength to strength. They continue to provide much needed space for people to figure stuff out, to wrestle with dilemmas, to identitfy and stay focused on what we really care about and feel energised to act on.

“The beauty in all this is the relationships that have formed between us, and how through this we have generated the capacity to help others, to connect and mobilise agency within and around us.

“This reciprocity, this caring, continues to create a space into which we can step with a sense of belonging to a wider community. Now that’s a good place to be!