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Covering each of the nine regions of England, we have a well organised programme of work to support improvement of services for children and their families by addressing challenges locally, but under a coherent national vision.

Our Strategic Vision and Priorities 2019-22 has the official support of the Minister for Children and Families as well as the Children’s Commissioner for England. Our Youth Friendly version has been written specifically for children and young people with care experience.

We use our influence to help to make sure the rights of children and young people with care experience are being upheld, especially their rights to:

  • Be safe.
  • Have their views, wishes and feelings heard and taken seriously.
  • Be involved in decisions about their life, including where they live and where they go to school.
  • Access the services and help you’re entitled to.

We work with advocacy services including the National Always Heard service. Always Heard can provide a safety net advocacy support to children and young people who cannot access the local support they are entitled to.


We are self-hosted so there is no membership cost. IROs can join our conferences and events at minimal to no cost. We can also assist with peer review, mentoring and support.

The partnership continues to provide support and professional development of IROs and IRO services – identifying common training needs and supporting how these can best be met.

The partnership is represented by a group of elected senior managers who represent IROs and IRO services and the work of their regions across England. Meetings of this group are held quarterly and include two elected representatives from each of the nine regions within England. 

Strategic Vision and Priorities 2019 – 2022

Download: Strategic Vision and Priorities 2019-22 PDF

Download: Youth Friendly Strategic Priorities

How the partnership came into being

The partnership formed originally in 2004 as a ‘working group’ made up of IRO Managers who were representatives from the Government regional areas across England, to work with the Department for Education (DfE) on ‘IRO guidance’ for The Adoption and Children Act 2002. With our advice, the roles and responsibilities of the Independent Reviewing Services became embedded within the framework of the IRO Handbook, linked to revised statutory Care Planning Regulations and Guidance which was introduced in April 2011.

The managers group continues to work directly with government, acting as advisors in relation to guidance, policy and practice; and sharing regional and national information in relation to care planning and outcomes for children and young people in care and care leavers.

The partnership meets in London four times a year, and we are grateful to the DfE for hosting our meetings.

Covering each of the nine regions of England, NIROMP has a well organised programme of regional meetings / events with and for IROs.

Further information

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