What’s the purpose of auditing casework? | Stuart Carlton, ADCS Honorary Treasurer

Originally published: 15 Mar 2019 Source: ADCS Blogs  Author: Stuart Carlton, ADCS Honorary Treasurer, and Corporate Director of Children and Young People's Services at North Yorkshire What’s the purpose of auditing casework? What’s the purpose of auditing casework? I have been pondering this for a while. It has a genuine purpose, done well it tells... Continue Reading →

NIROMP Chair contributes to World Social Work Day e-book #ECLCM #careexperienced #IROs #wswd19

Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships: World Social Work Day 2019 (Relationship based practice)  In celebration of the World Social Work Day 2019, the Principal Children and Families Social Worker Network has published an e-book with a collection of stories and experiences from practitioners and leaders about human connection and relationships and relationship-based practice. The e-book,... Continue Reading →

#WSWD19 Securing better life chances and choices for all children and young people in care and leaving care | NIROMP

Standing proud and in solidarity the world over in our global profession, our shared values, ethics and beliefs - founded on the principles of social justice, human rights and equality for all. Together we believe we are stronger and can make a difference. Independent Reviewing Officers standing together for the:  Voices of children - loud,... Continue Reading →

Language That Cares | PCF @TACTCare #spreadtheword

Language That Cares   A glossary of words and terms that aims to change the language of the care system has been published.  Language That Cares is a collaborative effort led by adoption and fostering charity TACT (The Adolescent and Children’s Trust) and the charity’s children and care experienced young people, with contributions from 15... Continue Reading →

FREE to access report on the relationship between poverty, child abuse and neglect via Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Authors: Paul Bywaters, Lisa Bunting, Gavin Davidson, Jennifer Hanratty, Will Mason, Claire McCartan, Nicole Steils First published: 3rd Mar 2016   Source: Joseph Rowntree Foundation This report identifies and discusses evidence about the relationship between poverty and child abuse and neglect. Download to read at source: The relationship between poverty, child abuse and neglect: an evidence... Continue Reading →

Improving care leavers access and participation in higher education

First published by the Department for Education on 14 March 2019. A new Policy paper has been published by the Department for Education: Principles to guide HE providers on improving care leavers access and participation in HE Details The guiding principles will support Higher Education (HE) providers to develop their offer for care leavers to... Continue Reading →


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