Independent reviewing officers – raising children’s voices | NIROMP

By: Sharon Martin, Chair - National IRO Managers Partnership Posted: 17th February 2019 Independent reviewing officers’ have become increasingly creative (inventive / adaptive) in how they go about raising children's voices. This ability underlies an important aspect of NIROMP’s vision for a modern independent reviewing officer function; as an integral aspect of the independent reviewing... Continue Reading →

#LGBT youth in care resources

It has become clear that there is very limited information for or about LGBTQI young people in care. There is an ad hoc, react as we go approach across many local authorities, care agencies, foster carers, social workers and health professionals. Some may be doing excellent work but it has been hard to identify that... Continue Reading →

Transforming children’s services inquiry #cep

This takes a bit of reading - you'll need to set some time aside. If you're really invested in transforming children's services for children in care and care leavers - and inevitably we expect so, then you'll devote the time necessary to read about and involve yourself in conversation about the divergent perspectives discussed as part... Continue Reading →

New CASCADE study proves the success of support for parents who have children taken into care

The primary aim of the Reflect project is to prevent women who have experienced the compulsory removal of a child from experiencing a repeat pregnancy in the short-term, whilst successive child removal remains the most likely outcome. Dr Louise Roberts has led the assessment of one of the first Reflect schemes, which has been run by... Continue Reading →

Funding of local authorities’ children’s services inquiry

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee are examining funding for local authorities' children's services. They want to hear from professionals such as IROs and social workers who work for or with children's services. Scope of the inquiry The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has launched a new inquiry into funding of local authorities’ children’s... Continue Reading →

NIROMP Strategic Priorities and Vision 2019-22 out for consultation

Source:  National IRO Managers Partnership (NIROMP). Published on: 9th February 2019 NIROMP's draft Strategic Priorities  is now out for public consultation. The consultation is open until 28 February 2019. The NIROMP regional leads approved publication of the Draft Strategic Priorities & Vision 2019-2022 document at a meeting held at the Department for Education on 28th January. The draft plan has... Continue Reading →

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