National IRO Managers Partnership

Securing better life chances and choices for care experienced children and young people.

Who we are

We are a national leadership body for Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs). We are made up of an elected Chair and elected Regional Leads who represent their region at a national level (two from each of the nine government regions within England).

What we do

Our regional leads work with government departments, acting as advisors in relation to statutory guidance, policy and practice.

Our commitment

Holding children at the centre of what we do through our work with and for them, we are committed to leading and promoting excellent care and services for children looked-after and care leavers.

How we do it

Working in partnership with other agencies IROs work to secure better life chances and choices for children and young people in care and leaving care, whatever their identified needs.

We listen, take action and learn from care-experienced people who advise us through our daily work with them, through our IRO regional networks, from the diversity of views expressed by the wider care experienced community and from learning from research.

Impact – A View from Care

“As an older person with lived care experience and a retired probation
manager, it is a joy/privilege to be asked to share a few thoughts about
this Strategy. Loud proud and entitled, feeling loved, securely cared for
and listened to and significantly being understood. What is there not to
be liked?

With a growing momentum for real change across our Care family, this
document epitomises the hopes and aspirations behind a language
that cares, the centrality of our children and young people, the
growing movement which calls for compassion/kindness to be at the
root of children and social care policy and, actions designed to bring
the voices of our children and young people to the very core of their
care Journey whilst ensuring the accountability of all those involved.

With a focus on children and young people’s rights and being a critical
friend, the role of the Independent Reviewing Officer is viewed as
integral to their journey of ‘Becoming’ the very best they can be
through, careful planning, agreed goals and aspirations and holding
others to account as carers, enablers, encouragers and facilitators. The
affirmation of ‘We Will’ are to be commended and provide the
additional safeguards / protective factors which underpin the hopes
and aspirations of NIROMP’s key priorities. “

Ian Gould, Every Child Leaving Care Matters Ambassador

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