NIROMP represents IROs and managers of IROs across England. Our regional networks span the nine government area regions of England. All local authorities have a duty to appoint an IRO to every child in care. The role of the IRO is prescribed in law.

Practising IROs and those who manage IROs can register interest in joining our Communities of Practice: HERE


A message from Sharon Martin, Chair of the National IRO Managers Partnership (NIROMP).

Strategic Priorities

See our Strategic Vision and Priorities 2019 – 2022

Youth Friendly

Here you’ll find a youth friendly version of our Strategic vision and Priorities document.

Regional Networks

We have a strong network of IRO manager groups and IRO groups operating across the nine government region areas of England.

IRO Resources

Feel free to download and adapt any of the resources on this page.

Communities of Practice

We believe in the power of connection and collaboration and share a common goal to create positive change together.

Family Proceedings

Practical resources, such as templates, tools and practice guidance which will be of interest to anyone working in the family justice system.


NIROMP actions, learning and support resources focused on anti-racism and activism.

We are not NAIRO

NAIRO is a fee paying membership group for IROs & non IROs. It’s Trustees and chairs do not manage or lead IROs. NIROMP is not affiliated with NAIRO.

The Black Care Directory

The Black Care Directory is a Consortium of Black Owned Businesseswith Products and Services to help Foster Carers and Adopters, care for the Black Children or Young People they Foster and Adopt. 

Our Care, Our Say

A collaboration between: the Care Experience Conference team; The Care Leavers Association; the National IRO Manager Partnership (NIROMP) & the wider care experienced community.

Advocacy and for Young People

If a young person thinks that they’re not getting what they’re entitled to, or that they are not being listened to, they can ask for an advocate to help them put their views across.


We aim to keep up-to-date with the latest guidance and research relevant to practice. Head to our ‘News’ page to see our most recent posts.

Sector led improvement

This brief paper proposes increased dailogue between ADCS, LGA, Ofsted, DfE, and NIROMP, to consider how the role of IROs can be put to best effect.


A seven-part series of interviews by Sharon Martin, NIROMP Chair on IRO work to secure better outcomes for children in care. Sharon in conversation with Chris Brunstrom, IRO.

Messages from Care & the Care Sector

These messages from care and the care sector summarise the key messages that informed NIROMP’s ambitions.

Keynote to Scotland’s National Conference

Keynote speech by Sharon Martin, chair of NIROMP to Scotlands first Reviewing Officer conference.

Effective IRO Services

A guide to ensure that these statutory requirements are in place.

Library and News

Our library contains a range of articles which are free to download. However the most up-to-date articles are shared via News posts. You can subscribe to our website for email notifications of the latest news.

How a child’s IRO can make a difference

This page includes examples of how IROs can #BeTheDifference. Examples include the use of IRO challenge.

We are not NAIRO we are NIROMP

NIROMP and NAIRO are not affiliated. NAIRO’s Trustees and chairs do not hold management or leadership responsibilities for IROs and not all are practicing IROs.

Our Story

Learn more about our activities and contribution to statutory guidance and policy work.

For Parents and carers

A selection of articles and posts of interest to parents and carers.

Videos from past learning events

A selection of videos from past learning events.

RECLAIM Support Resources

A collation of resources and organisations developed by and for care experienced people.

Independent review of children’s social care

About the Independent review of children social care in England and how to get involved.


A selection of photos from our various meetings and events!

Recent Posts

‘Disgraceful’ Covid-19 restrictions on children in prison to end in March

Secondary legislation which allowed children in prison to be locked in cells for up to 22 hours a day at the height of the pandemic will end in March, it has been confirmed. “While the rest of the country responded to the first lockdown in 2020 by holding our children close and trying to make … Continue reading ‘Disgraceful’ Covid-19 restrictions on children in prison to end in March

open access resource: Reflective, relational leadership and management

Source: Research in Practice Published: 06/01/2022 Author: Phil Winterbottom In health, those in safeguarding lead roles find themselves with legislation, statutory guidance and the weight of national scandals highlighting how important leadership is in their role. Reflection and training are positioned as a proactive approach, relationships as the preferred active response, then the use of positional power … Continue reading open access resource: Reflective, relational leadership and management

Child poverty is a modifiable risk factor for care entry

Research suggests 10,356 more children living in English local authority areas became looked after than would have been the case had poverty levels remained at 2015 levels. This latest research raises concerns voiced elsewhere about an underfunded, risk-averse child protection system, increasingly focussed on acute interventions at the expense of prevention. It underscores the need … Continue reading Child poverty is a modifiable risk factor for care entry

Ofsted to inspect and register unregulated accommodation providers for 16–17-year-olds in care

The Department for Education will introduce national standards for currently unregulated accommodation for 16- and 17- year-olds in 2023, it announced this week. Ofsted will inspect and register the providers of accommodation for older children, which the government now calls ‘supported’ provision instead of ‘independent’ or ‘semi-independent’, the DfE announced in its response to a … Continue reading Ofsted to inspect and register unregulated accommodation providers for 16–17-year-olds in care

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