NIROMP – Our Story

How NIROMP came into being

NIROMP formed originally in 2004 as a ‘working group’ made up of IRO Managers who were representatives from the Government regional areas across England, to work with the Department for Education (DfE) on ‘IRO guidance’ for The Adoption and Children Act 2002. With our advice, the roles and responsibilities of the Independent Reviewing Services became embedded within the framework of the IRO Handbook, linked to revised statutory Care Planning Regulations and Guidance which was introduced in April 2011.

The managers group continues to work directly with government, acting as advisors in relation to guidance, policy and practice; and sharing regional and national information in relation to care planning and outcomes for children and young people in care and care leavers.

Covering each of the nine regions of England, NIROMP has a well organised programme of regional meetings and Community of Practice events with and for IROs.

Further information

More about the work of the regions: Contact Us

Ensuring the child’s views are taken into account: Care Proceedings: Role of the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO)

Facilitating an effective IRO service: Local authority responsibilities

Message from the Chair: here

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