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The National IRO Managers Partnership                                         

Chair Sharon Martin | | Twitter @SharonLMartin1

Regional Networks

North East | North West | Yorkshire & Humber | East Midlands | West Midlands | Eastern | Greater London | South East | South West

Practice Leads

The partnership now has a number of practice leads with the aim to:

  • Bring extra capacity to help the partnership and its members stay ahead of good practice, to be responsive to policy updates, consultation exercises and research projects
  • To keep members up to date with developments and service issues
  • To provide leadership of task and finish groups which can be called on for specific support by DfE, local authorities and other key stakeholders, as required.

Please contact the designated practice lead for further advice and information.

Advanced Practice Module for Independent Reviewing Officers | Mary Eccleston |

Social Work Knowledge & Skill Statement | Caroline Dunn |

Family Justice Innovation Group | Sharon Martin |

Knowledge and Skills Statement: Achieving Permanence | Susan Webb | 

IRO Annual Report | Sharon Martin |

IRO Dispute Resolution | Sharon Martin | | Carolyn Knight | | Izzy Martin |

Safeguarding & Child Protection | Carolyn Knight |

Voice of the child | Susan Webb |

Youth Justice & Remand | Geraldine O’Donnell |

Care placements | Sue Williams |

Transition to adulthood | Pritpal Sodhi |

Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers |  Pritpal Sodhi |

Disability | Caroline Dunn |

Adoption | Cheryl Baxter |

Health & wellbeing | Izzy Martin |

Please contact the designated practice lead for further advice and information via the contact form below.

Contact form 

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