Chair of the National IRO Managers Partnership


Hi there,

My name is Sharon Martin. I’m the elected Chair of the National IRO Managers Partnership (NIROMP) and curator of this website.

NIROMP is here to champion the interests of children and young people with care experience – constantly striving for more. Holding children at the centre of what we do through our work with and for them, we aim to lead and promote excellent care and services for children looked-after and care leavers. You can download our Strategic Vision and Priorities here and our Youth Friendly version here.

NIROMP consists of an elected Chair and elected Regional Leads who represent their regions at a national level (two from each of the nine regions within England).

We are proud of our self-hosted website. It offers professional news; good practice; links to articles and topical policy matters. Most of the pages and posts allow you to add comments. Scroll to the bottom of any page and you’ll find a reply box where you can add some text. Constructive comments are welcome. Individual or localised comments will not generally be published or receive a reply.

I hope the website helps build a learning community. Please follow, add constructive comments and information about relevant news, publications or research.

Best wishes,

Sharon Martin
Chair, National IRO Managers Partnership

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