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Adoption and fostering

ADCS (2014) Impact of Court Judgments on Adoption

Behavioural Insights Team (2015) Exploring Adoption ‘Matching’ Decisions

Boswell, S. & Cudmore, L. (2015) The Children Were Fine

Cafcass (2014) Adoption and Surrogacy Handbook 

Cafcass (no date) Good Practice for Adoption Agencies and Cafcass – Children Relinquished for Adoption

Department for Education (2013) Adoption: statutory guidance 

Department for Education (2011)  Adoption and Children Act 2002

Department for Education (2014) Early Permanence Placements and Approval of Prospective Adopters as Foster Carers Statutory Guidance – England

Directorate General for Internal Policies (2015) Adoption without consent

Family Law Week (2014) CM v Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council [2014] EWCA Civ 1479

Narey, Martin (2015) Matching Paper by Sir Martin Narey

Reconstruct (2015) Adoption: What Helps to Prevent Disruption

Reconstruct (2015) Adoption Disruption: The Views of Young People and Adoptive Parents

Advocacy & Entitlements

All Parliamentary Group for Looked After Children and Care Leavers (2013) The Ten Entitlements – children in care and care leavers

All Parliamentary Group for Looked After Children and Care Leavers (2014)  The Entitlements Inquiry One Year On Report 

Department for Education and Skills (2004)  Guidance on providing effective advocacy

Department for Education (no date) Young people’s guide to the IRO Handbook

Mercer, Kate (2015) Advocacy under the Care Act

Ofsted (2012) Young_people’s_views_on_complaints_and_advocacy1

The Who Cares Trust (2013)  Entitlements Inquiry report for young_people


ADCS & Home Office (2015) Age Assessment Joint Working Guidance

Department for Education (2014) Assessing Parental Capacity to Change when Children are on the Edge of Care: an overview of current research evidence

Department For Education (2014) Missed opportunities: indicators of neglect – what is ignored, why, and what can be done? Research report

Asylum Seeker

Department for Education (2014) Care of unaccompanied and trafficked children – statutory guidance


Care & Care Planning

ADCS (2016) Practice Guidance for the use of S20 provision in the Children Act 1989 in England and the Equivalent S76 of the Social Services and well-being (Wales) Act 2014 In Wales

Consensus (2015) Achieving a Reduction in Restrictive Physical Interventions

Ofsted (2015) what children and young people living in children’s homes or with foster carers told us was most important to them

Ofsted (2015) “what adults told us were areas for improvement for children’s homes, fostering services and adoption services

Department for Education (2015) Children Act 1989 guidance and regulations volume 2: care planning, placement and case review

Department for Education (2010) Your Plans, Your Placements”, Your Reviews and Short breaks 

Department for Education (2014) Academic Lecture: Investigating Special Guardianship

Department for Education (2014) Early permanence placements and approval of prospective adopters as foster carers

Care Leaver

Access All Areas (2015) Messages from care leavers to a new Government

Barnardos (2015) Care Leavers Accommodation and Support Framework

Catch22 NCAS (2014) Staying Put – what does it mean

Department for Education (2012) Care Leavers Charter

Department for Education (2014) Care Act 2014: Planning transitions from children’s to adult services

Department for Education (2014)  Care Leavers Strategy Update 2014

Department for Education (2015) The Children Act Guidance Planning Transition

Department for Education (2015)  Finding their feet report – full report, January 2015

Department for Education (2015)   Finding their feet executive summary

National Audit Office (2015)  Care leavers transition to adulthood full report

National Audit Office (2015)  Care leavers transition to adulthood summary 

NSPCC (2014) Supporting children and families returning home from care Counting the Costs 

Child Development

TED Talks (2015) Sarah-Jayne Blakemore: The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain

TED Talks (2015) Alison Gopnik: What do babies think?

Wasted, D. & White, S. (2012) Blinded by neuroscience: social policy, the family and the infant brain 

Child Protection 

See Family Support

Contact and visits

Family Rights Group (2015) Research findings on managing contact with parents and relatives for children living in family and friends care arrangements

Howes, Norma (2014) A trauma model for planning, assessing and reviewing contact for looked-after children 

Ofsted (2009) Keeping in touch: A report of children’s experience by the Children’s Rights Director for England

Research in Practice (2014) Managing the Risks and Benefits of Contact

Women’s Aid (2016) Child First Safe Contact Saves Lives


Department for Education (2010) Your Plans, Your Placements, Your Reviews and Short breaks 

Department for Education (2010)  Short breaks for disabled children

Department for Education (2014) Promoting the education of looked after childrenStatutory guidance for local authorities

Rees Centre/University of Bristol (2015) The Educational Progress of Looked After Children in England: Linking Care and Educational Data

Family Support, Safeguarding & Child Protection

Beckett, Helen (2015) Child Sexual Exploitation Examining the national crisis and improving prevention & detection

Broadhurst, Karen., et al (2015) Vulnerable birth mothers and repeat losses of infants to public care: is targeted reproductive health care ethically defensible?

CRCT & UEA (2014) A study of the support needs of sex workers across Norfolk, UK

CRCT & UEA (2014) Routes into sexual exploitation: personal perspectives about going missing, agency and victimhood ‘At the time I just thought it was normal’

Children’s Commissioner for England (2015) Protecting Children from harm: a critical assessment of child sexual abuse in the family network in England and priorities for action

Children’s Commissioner for England (2015) Children’s Commissioner: Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Environment

Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry (2015) Children’s experiences of domestic violence and abuse: Siblings’ accounts of relational coping

Family Law Week (2015)  Female Genital Mutilation

Five Rivers (2015) CSE & Trafficked Children: Aiding the Recovery from Adverse Childhood Experiences through attachment and trauma informed care and therapy

Holmes, D. & Ireland, A. (2015) Sexual exploitation of vulnerable people

Home Office (2013) Domestic violence homicide reviews – lessons learned

Home Office (2015) Controlling or Coercive Behaviour in an Intimate or Family Relationship Statutory Guidance Framework

HM Government (2015) Preventing Radicalisation

HM Government (2016) Multi-agency statutory guidance on female genital mutilation

Journal of Interpersonal Violence (2015) Beyond “Witnessing: Children’s Experiences of Coercive Control in Domestic Violence and Abuse

Molloy, Jenny (2015) Successful Intervention in Cases of Neglect

PaceUK Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation Website link

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (2015) Serious Case Review (CSE) – Rotherham Report

Oxfordshire LSCB (2015)  Serious Case Review into Child Sexual Exploitation in Oxfordshire

The Children’s Society (2015) Full report: Seriously Awkward: How vulnerable 16–17 year olds are falling through the cracks

The Children’s Society (2015) Summary report: Seriously Awkward: Summary report

The Children’s Society (2015) Old enough to know better?: Why sexually exploited teenagers are being overlooked – Summary report

Tigh, S.M & Laylor, J.G. (2015) Concealed Pregnancy A Concept Analysis-2

UNARS (2015) Understanding Agency & Resistance Strategies: Children in situations of domestic violence & abuse

Williams, W. & Clarke, B. (2016) Dangerous associations: Joint enterprise, gangs and racism An analysis of the processes of criminalisation of Black, Asian and minority ethnic individuals & Key Findings



Department for Education (2015) Promoting the health and wellbeing of looked after children

IRO Handbook

Department for Children, Schools and Families (2010) The IRO Handbook

IRO Tool Box

National IRO Manager Partnership (2015) The IRO Toolbox contains documents and templates developed and endorsed by the National IRO Manager Partnership and as such these documents carry the partnership logo.

Legislation, Policy & Guidance

Association of Lawyers for Children and NYAS (2015) A review of anonymised judgments on Bailii: Children, privacy and ‘jigsaw identification’

Broadhurst, Karen (2015) Understanding recurrent care proceedings: Birth mothers, fathers and children, caught in a cycle of repeat public law proceedings

Butler, Fiona (2015) An Introduction to Inquests and the Coroner’s Court

Community Care Inform (2015) Preparing for Court: Check your balance sheet approach is robust

Clarke Wilmott (2015) Liberty legal clinic Making effective applications to the Court of Protection

CRCT & UEA (2014) Concluding Care Proceedings Within 26 Weeks: Messages from the Evaluation of the Tri-borough Care Proceedings Pilot

Department for Education (2013) Children and Families Bill Factsheet (2013)

Department for Education (2015) Special guardianship review: Report on findings Government consultation response

39 Essex Chambers (2015) Legal Masterclass: The Mental Capacity Act 2005

Harwin, J. et al (2014) Changing Lifestyles, Keeping Children Safe: an evaluation of the first Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC) in care proceedings

House of Commons (2016) Devolution: the next five years and beyond

NSPCC (2015) How to support children giving evidence

NSPCC (2015) Children in Care: Legislation, Policy and Guidance

Skills for Care (not dated) Care Act overview – leaflet
Skills for Care (not dated) Care Act introduction and over view of the Act – slide pack and workbooks

Transparency Project (2015) Parents recording social workers – A guidance note for parents and professionals 

Leadership & Management

ADCS (2015) Leadership in a contested space

Life Story & Narrative

Buchanan, Anna (2014) The Experience of Life Story Work: Reflections of Young People Leaving Care

Coram (2015) Adopters’ views on their children’s life story books

Community Care (2015) How adoption social workers can deliver first-class life story work

Mental Capacity & Mental Health

39 Essex Chambers (undated) Mental capacity guidance notes

NSPCC (2015) Achieving emotional wellbeing for Looked After Children

Parliament Publications (2014) Health Committee – Third Report Children’s and adolescents’ mental health and CAMHS 


Australian Institute of Family Studies (2012) Supervisory neglect

Howe, David et al (1999) Assessment and decision making in a case of child neglect and abuse using an attachment perspective

University East Anglia & NSPCC (2008) Developing an effective response to neglect and emotional harm of children

Research in Practice (2006) Understanding and working with neglect – children 1st research briefing

Reconstruct (2015) The Child as Object of Neglect


Academic Health Science Partnership (2012) The Neuroscience of Related Trauma and Evidence Based Intervention

Heyes, Stephanie (2015) Mapping the adolescent mind: how brain development and mental health interact


Achieving for Children (2015) What makes for a good Ofsted Inspection: a silver bullet or just plain old hard work?

ADCS SIF Outcomes Summary

Ofsted (2011) Ofsted Edging Away from Care

Ofsted (2012) Ofsted Protecting disabled children

Ofsted (2013) Independent reviewing officers taking up the challenge

Ofsted (2015) What children and young people living in children’s homes or with foster carers told us was most important to them

Ofsted (2015) What adults told us were areas for improvement for children’s homes, fostering services and adoption services

Ofsted (2015) Framework and evaluation schedule for the inspection of services for children in need of help and protection children looked after and care leavers

Ofsted (2015) Joining the dots… Effective leadership of children’s services

Ofsted (2015) Common weaknesses in local authorities judged inadequate under the single inspection framework – a summary

Ofsted (2016) Whistleblowing to Ofsted about children’s social care services

Performance and Quality Assurance

Department for Education (2014) Children in Care Monitor 2014

National IRO Manager Partnership (2015) The IRO Toolbox

NAIRO (2015) A series of measures to support and improve IRO practice and standards

NICE (2013) Looked After Children and Young People: Quality Standard

NICE (2015) Tailored resource for corporate parents and providers on health and wellbeing of looked-after children and young people

NICE & SCIE (2015) Looked-after babies, children and young people overview

RCPCH (2015) Looked After Children: Knowledge, Skills and Competences of Health Care Staff

Relationship-based Models of Practice

Cooper, Andrew (2015) Relationship based practice works – the evidence

Turney, Danielle (2010) What is the theory behind relationship-based social work, and what does it actually mean to place ‘the relationship’ at the heart of practice?

TED (2015) youtube: Hilary Cottam: Social services are broken. How we can fix them

Hammond, Wayne, and Rob Zimmerman (no date) “A Strengths-Based Perspective.”

Jones, Jocelyn (2014) A Report for the Centre for Social Work Practice on Reflective Practice Group Models in Social Work

Journal of Social Work Practice (2003) Effective relationship-based practice: a theoretical exploration

Lincoln, Helen (2015) Relationship-based approach to social work

Social Care Elf (2015) Young people’s views on responsive social services: What makes a difference?

Tew J., Morris K., White S., FeatherstoneB. & Fenton S-J., (2016) “What has happened to ‘Think Family’ – challenges and achievements in implementing family inclusive practice”, Pavilion Annual Parental Mental Health and Child Welfare Work, Volume 1: p. 59-64

Uniting Care (2011) Strengths-based Practice: The Evidence – A Discussion Paper


National Children’s Bureau^ and Centre for Child and Family Research, Loughborough University (2015) Improving practice in respect of children who return home from care Research report


See Family Support

Social Policy

Burns, Colin et al (2006) RED PAPER Transformation Design

Cottam, Hilary (2008) Beveridge 4.0

Cummins, Ian (2015) Reading Wacquant: social work and advanced marginality

Substance Misuse

Solution-focused Approaches

Coaching Today (2015) Brief Solution-focused Coaching with Children and Young People 2015

Special Guardianship Orders

Department for Education (2015) Special guardianship review: Report on findings Government consultation response

University of York (2015) Academic Lecture Powerpoint – Special Guardianship Research – Jim Wade (2015)

Workforce development & reform

GOV.UK (2015) Children’s social work workforce reform – data collection, September 2014

GOV.UK (2015) Knowledge and skills statements for practice leaders and practice supervisors

GOV.UK (2014) Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme

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