For Young People

The following sections are intended for children and young people with care-experience.

Our website is not funded, we operate it voluntarily to help raise the voices of children and young people with care-experience. We will be continuously reflecting, learning and adapting and updating our approach based on your views.

We want to ensure as best we can that your voices and lived experience shape and lead our work. So, let us know what you think!

Independent reviewing officers – what we do

If you’re in care, you should have an IRO. They’ll chair your care planning meetings and ensure the decisions made are acted on. If you have brothers or sisters in care, they will normally have the same IRO as you.

How IROs help: By making sure your voice is heard as part of planning and decision making about the things that matter to you. The IRO makes sure decisions are made in your best interests, making sure people are listening to you and ensuring your views are listened to. They’ll also tell you how to make a complaint, they will make sure you know about your right to have an advocate if you want one and your IRO will try to resolve any disagreements you have about the services you receive. They’ll stand up for your rights!


Want to know more about NIROMP’s National Youth Ambassadors Advisory Group? Fabulous! Please add your contact details and a brief message below and we’ll be in touch.


Advocates are here to make sure your voice is heard loud and clear.

With the help of an advocate your “VOICE IS YOUR SUPERPOWER.”

If you want an advocate you can get one by phoning the Always Heard Advocacy helpline yourself on 0808 800 5792 or ask an adult you trust to do it for you.

Click on any the buttons below for more information:


The Become advice and information team take calls from young people in care and care leavers on lots of different subjects. They often get asked about managing money, how the care system works and what young care leavers are entitled to. They’ve put together a range of FREE factsheets, available for you to download and keep. You can also find the factsheets translated into Arabic, Kurdish, Pashto, Tigrinya, Vietnamese, and Albanian.

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