NIROMP: Proud supporters of ‘Right Friend Campaign’ #NIVN #RightFriend

NIROMP are excited to help promote this campaign launch from the National Independent Visitor Network

Please join us in participating in this collaborative twitter campaign today Monday 1st June, to raise awareness of the difference an Independent Visitor can make to the life of children in care. 

What can you do? 

1.   Make your own poster. You can do this by writing the slogon on a piece of card and adding your response or print the attached document, if you have access to a printer. 


An independent Visitor is the right friend because….’


2.   Take a photo of yourself holding the poster. This photo should only be a selfie, from the waist upwards. Here are some examples:

3.   Post this photo today! Monday 1st June, on twitter. If you can’t post it today, then please post over the next week or couple of weeks and please tag the IV Network @IV_Network and NIROMP @NIROMP2

Don’t forget to use the hashtags:

     Ensure you hashtag: #NIVN #RightFriend

     Ensure you link to the IV website:

          * If you do not have a twitter account and to show your support, please feel free to send a photo to and we can share this on our twitter page *


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