News from the Department for Education

The Department for Education is seeking to improve communication with IROs / social workers and has established an e-mail channel and a new e-newsletter for children and family social workers. Quarterly bulletins from the Department for Education will provide the latest news, guidance on best practice and updates from innovation projects across the country. Sign-up to... Continue Reading →

Government to amend deprivation of liberty scheme to cover 16- and 17-year-olds

By Luke Haynes and Mithran Samuel The government will amend its planned replacement to the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) so that it applies to 16- and 17-year-olds, not just those over 18, a minister has confirmed. Junior health minister Lord O’Shaughnessy pledged to amend the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill yesterday so that the proposed... Continue Reading →

Children are at the heart of social work practice in Portsmouth

The participation of and direct work with children and families are key strengths. Social workers are supported to deliver meaningful intervention to sustain positive change and safe long-term outcomes for children. Children are at the heart of social work practice. The senior leadership team has worked resolutely to create a learning culture that is responsive... Continue Reading →

Redistributing care: why respite support should exist for struggling birth families, not just foster carers and adopters

Brigid Featherstone and Amanda Boorman talk about their experiences of respite support and how it might be used to support birth families before a child is removed ... Read full piece at source: Redistributing care: why respite support should exist for struggling birth families, not just foster carers and adopters

Practice quality, not audit: a council’s journey to ‘outstanding’

At the start of August, North Yorkshire council’s children’s services was heralded ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted – and became the first to achieve this accolade in every measure of its inspection. Its director of children’s services, Stuart Carlton, shares with Community Care how the council has progressed – highlighting the importance of practice quality beyond performance,... Continue Reading →

Safeguarding pressures research

ADCS President Stuart Gallimore writes about the many pressures LAs face ahead of Safeguarding Pressures Phase 6 research due to be published next month. 'We simply can’t go on as we are, the findings from this research must be heard and acted upon before it’s too late'. Read at source: Evidencing safeguarding pressures

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