Celebrating Achievements

Benefits of using these tools

Celebrating achievements at the end of every review (or be included as the main activity within it).
Modelling positive feedback and praise – giving and receiving.

Demonstrating to the child that everyone is rooting and trying their best for them.

Building on the strengths of the network, helping the child understand that everyone has difficulties to overcome and how the child and the team around them can go on supporting one another.

Suggested materials

See download(s).

Hat | bag | box | Large piece of paper | Felt-tip pens, crayons | Post-it notes | Stickers

Using the tool

Child and participant names can go into hat / bag / box.
Everyone pulls out a name and then writes a certificate of achievement for that person (or high five badge).

The child can choose who they would like to do a certificate or thank you note for. People can draw a certificate for that person, writing or drawing on it something they have achieved in relation to the child e.g. IRO could do a certificate for the child’s teacher and write about how they have helped the child in joining the football club, or the teacher might do one for the social worker identifying how the social worker may have argued to secure funding for a club etc. Social worker could do one for the birth parent noting how hard they have planned contact etc. Someone will also do one for the child.

Everyone presents their certificate of achievement or thank you note for the person in question.

IRO might follow on this activity by asking people if there were any challenges that they needed to overcome in achieving these things and how they overcame them.

Download: Thank you – generic | Thank you |Certificate