Champion what’s different about you … A boy called Ric @ricflomusic @junglebrown #hiphop #ukrap #FosterCare #ECLCM

Champion what’s different about you.. because with time and understanding that might be your super power. Own it.


Ric Flo da anti-hero is one third of the hip-hop collective Jungle Brown (Mr Bongo).

Growing up in foster care, the creative arts became a therapeutic medium of introspection and self-expression. His debut project, ‘A Boy Called Ric’, is a reflective journey about his life in foster care and has resonated strongly with the undervalued community.

Thank you Ric for agreeing for us to share your story.

Ric plans to drop a new single every month to cement his name in the game and show that his personal experiences have given him the power and resilience to take his music into new territories and make a mark in popular culture.

Listen here:

#FosterCare #superheros


Hide N Seek was my first single I released back in 2013 that was the catalyst of this journey. It was the one song that resonated with the social services of Swansea out of all the places! The young people had an award ceremony back then called ‘ I can see you, can you see me’ and the songs theme aligned with it perfectly. They choreographed a dance to the song and thats when I really so the impact. This experience gave me more confidence in my direction and in turn inspired Do You and the work I do today:

By Ric Flo
First Published on May 20, 2013

about life in foster care – “where are you from?”

RIC’s used his radio appearances to talk about his own experience of foster care and his use of a language that cares – using music for an audience that’s not necessarily in care

Its A New Dawn Its a new day

More from Ric Flo Jungle Brown artist:


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