Child-friendly Care Plan Exemplar

My name is: Jane Bloggs and this is my Care Plan.childs-chosen-photo_image_drawing

My date of birth is: 1st January 2010

My Legal Status: In Foster Care on a Care Order on an Interim Care Order. This means that my social worker is responsible for working with everyone involved in caring for me to plan for my future and make decisions for me.

The overall care plan for me is to:

Live with Adam and Eve while my social worker works with the fostering team to look for a permanent foster placement for me.

Before I was Looked After I lived at: childs-chosen-photo_image_drawing

Flat 1A, Brighton Pavilion, BN1 111
I was cared for by my Dad who I love very much. My Mum died a year ago. It was very sad and I’m still sad and so is my Dad.

I have a Nan and she is very old and frail and I love her very much as well.  We’ve always lived in Brighton and I love it here. We have a Pavilion!

The reason I am in care now is because:

On the 1st July 2015 my Dad dropped me at school and people thought my Dad didn’t seem well.  My Teachers were very worried about me that day and had been concerned for a while so they’d been keeping an extra eye on me.childs-chosen-photo_image_drawing

The social workers were called to the School and went back to the flat after school with us.  The social workers got increasingly worried about Dad and decided that he needed some help that night.  Some colleagues of the social worker came to help and I went to stay with a foster carer, Dora, for the night. It all happened very quickly.

People are trying to make sure I’m safe. My social worker has explained that when people are very concerned about the safety of a child their local council might begin care proceedings with the family court. An interim or full care order is something that the family court can put in place to keep a child safe. This is what has happened for me. I am now on what’s called an ‘interim care order’. All this happened because  people were really worried that I was not being looked after properly because of the problems my Dad has been having. My social worker has told me that none of this is my fault.

I have a Guardian I’m meeting for the first time next week. My Dad, social worker and my Guardian are going to talk to the Judge again about what’s the best plan for me. For the moment I need to be in foster care while my Dad is getting more help.

The following people are involved in caring for me:childs-chosen-photo_image_drawing

Adam and Eve Smith – Foster Carers

William Shakespeare – Social Worker

Bobby Brown – Intensive Placement Team Support Worker

Charlie Brown – Advocate

Polly Pocket – Therapist

Mickey Mouse – Independent Reviewing Officer

Justin Case – Guardian

Suzy Shoe – Contact Supervisors

I will be seeing people that are important to me:

Dad: Every Saturday at Peter Pans play centre and Suzy will come along to help.

Nanny Bee: childs-chosen-photo_image_drawing
every Sunday for Church and we will have some dinner together. Suzy will take me there and pick me up.

Friends: I will see them at school and my foster carers will arrange for me to see my best friend Freya at other times including for gymnastics club on Wednesdays at 6pm.

My Care Plan

To continue to attend Cherrytree School until all the plans about where I am going to live in the future are made. My Social Worker will talk with me and my teacher at a special meeting called a Personal Education Plan (PEP) meeting to make sure I am doing the best I can at school. We also talk about things like my gymnastics. I’m really good at doing hand stands and I won a competition for it! I want to be world class gymnast and so does my friend Freya. I’m also really good at Maths and Science. childs-chosen-photo_image_drawing

My foster carers will make sure I go to the dentist and doctors and any other appointments as I need to and help me become better at looking after myself.  My Dad agrees that this is a good idea too and it has all been set out in my Health Plan. I love sweats and the Dentist says he can see that so I need to brush my teeth each morning and before bed. My foster carer is keeps reminding me and sometimes it gets on my nerves!

I’m also having help from Polly, my therapist. Polly helps me with my feelings and is helping me to think about what’s happened and what it means for me. We’re putting some of this in a book called a Life Story Book – it’s really nice and has lots of photos including photos of me with my Mum.

My foster carer and my social worker are also carry helping me to think about what I want and what’s important to me. We’ve been adding things to a Memory Box too and this is really nice – it has some of my favourite and most treasured things in it and my foster carer keeps it safe for me. We’ve had a meeting with School too so that they know what’s going on and my teacher knows how best to help me.

I miss playing the guitar like I used to with my Dad and the foster carer doesn’t know how to play but they like listening to me and we listen to music together. When I was at home with Dad I didn’t have a set bed time but my foster carer and social worker talked with Dad in what’s called a Placement Planning Meeting. We agreed what my routine is each day and what I do and don’t like and what my Dad does and doesn’t like me to have and all this is in my Placement Plan. I’m a vegetarian and Dad doesn’t want this to change as he is too.

This Care plan will be talked about at my Looked After Reviews. This meeting happens to make sure that I’m getting all the help I need with my schooling, my health, my contact with my family and friends; my religious needs and any other interests I may have. The person who will be running this meeting will be my IRO whose name is Mickey Mouse.

If this plan has to change someone will talk to me about this and help me to understand why there are changes. They will also ask me what I think about the changes.childs-chosen-photo_image_drawing

If I am worried or need to talk to someone I can contact: (add details)

These were the people who attended my Looked After Review meeting on the 11th February 2015 and the decisions that were made:-

Present:- (add details)

Decisions: (add details)

My Social Worker explained the detail of my Care Plan to me on 14th January and these are my views/opinions about my Care Plan:

I would like to live with my Dad but if I can’t I want to carry on living with Daphne.  I want to carry on seeing my Nan and going to the same School and seeing my best friend Daphne and going to gymnastics.  I don’t want to go to Church but I will go because my Dad and my Nan say I must. I would like my bike back – it’s still at home and I miss riding it.

Signed: __Jane Bloggs________________________

Date: – __14th January 2012________________