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Welcome to the North West Regional Page

Regional updates will be posted on this page including summary updates from regional meetings. The expectation is for each local authority to have IRO representation at each meeting. Failing this, our members should share an update via the template provided by the chairs.

Regional Leads

Nicky Horn |

Ian Bowden |

The Region

Blackburn with Darwen | Blackpool | Bolton | Bury | Cheshire Eas | Cheshire West and Chester | Cumbria | Halton | Knowsley | Lancashire | Liverpool | Manchester | Oldham | Rochdale | Salford | Sefton | St Helens | Stockport | Tameside | Trafford|  Warrington | Wigan and Wirral.

Regional Update

The NW regional meetings take place by monthly and have allowed the region to maintain an eye to the impact of the changes to IRO services and to local government children’s services. Attendance at regional meetings has been variable, the last two meeting have evidence an increased in attendance and involves IRO Managers only.

Upcoming Events

Unless otherwise stated, all regional meetings are held from 2pm and aim to finish by 4pm.
Date: 23rd July, TBC. Chair: Simon Garner.
Date: 17th September, Bolton-Castle Hill Centre. Chair: Simon Garner.
Date: 19th November, Bolton-Castle Hill Centre. Chair: Simon Garner.


We will be undertaking more work to build on regional representation and ownership in 2015 and the development of regional action plans linked to national priorities.
As part of the NW action plan bespoke training is being developed for NW IROs. The first date is on the 8th July. It is planned that further training on permanence planning and participation takes place within the next 12 months.

Workforce development

There have been some major changes in legislation and guidance this year. The region has discussed many of these, including the implications of the latest findings from research and best practice. For example, we have considered the role of the IRO within PLO and care proceedings. A sub group of the regional meeting has been formed to develop a NW good practice guide regarding the role of the IRO within PLO and care proceedings. CAFASS are also a part of this group; the first meeting is taking place on 29th June.

The following learning events have taken place in response to local priorities and needs:
Regional IRO training is taking place on 8th July and will focus on ‘Working with Effective Challenge’.

Action plan

A NW action has been developed, this needs to be reviewed and finalised. The NW region is developing this action plan in the context of the specific objectives set out in the partnerships national work plan.

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