NIROMP Stability Review – IRO Manager Survey

 National IRO Managers Partnership

Reason for this review

The 2017 Stability Index from the office of the Children’s Commissioner identified a variance across the country in relation to the stability of children’s care placements, schools and social workers for Looked After Children. Certain cohorts of children appeared to be particularly at risk and there were different levels of stability. The National IRO Managers Partnership is interested in the IRO perspective and engagement in this issue and is looking to undertake a survey of IRO views and involvement in this area.

How long does the survey take to complete?

The survey attached should not take more than 20 – 30 minutes.

Survey cohort

The survey is intended for children aged over 13 who have had 3 or more moves, either of school or care placement and also any changes of social worker over the period 1/4/16 – 31/3/18.

For example, this could involve the child experiencing a mixture of: a move(s) of

care placement(s) / change of carer(s); move of school(s); change of social worker(s).

Sample size

We would ask for each area to identify 5 children and to complete one survey for each child.

How the information will be used

Aggregate data will be shared with regional networks via each of the regional leads and will be used to inform both regional and national work plan activities. Individual local authority data will not be shared. Local information will not be shared or published. Overall data will be used to drive up improvements based on emergent themes. Intention is to use the data and emergent themes at a regional and national level – working collaboratively to contribute to sector led improvement.

Deadline for completion

Please complete by 21st January 2019

Ways to respond

  1. We recommend that you please complete this survey online via this link:- Survey Monkey online form
  2.  Alternatively, you can add this web address to your web browser to complete online:-
  3. Or if you would prefer to complete this survey by hand as a Word document, you can scan and return via email via this form: NIROMP Stability Review – revised Word template Nov-18 and return to: –

The questions may be asked in the context of IRO supervision and the questionnaire completed by the manager.

Thank you: We appreciate your time in completing this survey and for your part in contributing to this critical issue.