NIROMP – Taking up the challenge

Dear IRO Manager,

Thank you for participating in our quarterly survey via this link:

How the information will be used

Data will be shared with regional networks via each of the regional leads and will be used to inform both regional and national work plan activities.

Local information will not be shared or published. Overall data will be used to drive up improvements based on emergent themes: what is working well and what are the challenges.

Intention is to use the data and emergent themes to ‘take up the challenge’ at a regional and national level – working collaboratively to contribute to sector led improvement.

Deadline for completion

Please complete on a quarterly basis – ahead of each regional meeting.

For more information or queries

Please see advice from your regional lead. Contact details can be found via the ‘Contact Us’ page.

With thanks and best wishes,

Sharon Martin

Chair, National IRO Managers Partnership