NYAAG: The National Youth Ambassadors Advisory Group – Information for Professionals

about NyaaG ambassadors

NYAAG is made up of a membership of care-experienced young people and adults from across the country. Advisory groups bring their valuable knowledge and expertise to support our work in partnership with other organisations.

NYAAG will amplify young people’s voices to influence scale and pace of improvements to the system of care in England.

Our aim is to amplify the voices of children and young people with care-experience through advisory groups and other listening activity. We work in partnership with other organisations to amplify your voices, creating platforms for you to influence policy and practice at a national level.  

Our advisory groups will play a vital role in our work. Through these groups we will aim to rank up the volume of what you think needs to happen, for care to be better. We will listen to what you have to say at every opportunity and we will use our networks to amplify your voices.

We are looking for care-experienced Ambassadors, aged 16 years upward from across England. The Ambassadors will contribute to improvements to policy and practice, working on specific matters of interest to children in care.

Our advisory groups focus on matters of national interest to children in care. Members will choose what they want to say and how they want to say it. They could choose to respond creatively or decide that they want to deliver training to professionals for example. We will provide support, to amplify their voices.

NYAAG’s aim is to make sure the voices of children in care around the country are heard.  As ambassadors for change, the group will have a platform to raise awareness, challenge stigma and make life in care better for everyone.

Certificates and acknowledgement of participation and contribution will be provided.

how can young people get involved?

Young people can find more information and sign up on our website:

If you are interested in finding out more then please fill out your contact details below along with a brief message. Our Advisory Group Lead for NYAAG is Angela Murray and she will be make contact.