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Some ideas you may want to consider (it’s not exhaustive).

1.   Call out and challenge racism/microaggression
2.   Take action more than just talk about Race Inequality
3.   Learn and proactively act anti-racist
4.   Expand and diversify my network with people from other backgrounds
5.   Be a mentor/sponsor to an ethnic minority colleague
6.   Use my privilege to benefit and support ethnic minority colleagues (and share how)
7.   Help identify and promote racially or ethnically minoritised people and their talents
8.   Be brave and speak out when I encounter racism
9.   Have fair and inclusive job descriptions when recruiting
10. To have development and talent conversations with minoritised staff
11.Feedback my ideas and suggestions for improvement
12.Help develop opportunities for my peers
13.Mentor and reverse mentor if asked
14.Participate in Safer Spaces
15.Commit to achieving Race Diversity and Inclusion targets (and share results)
16.Share my data (in employee surveys) to help improve representation
17.Take up opportunities offered to me
18.Have a zero tolerance to racism and microaggressions
19.Actively promote racially and minoritised (especially black) talent
20.Set stretching targets and collate the following information
21. To make sure that diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of recruitment activities.
22. To share ideas with senior leadership and HR professionals about what’s needed.
23. Listen and have conversations that are deep and testing
24. Keep pushing and working to secure actions that will increase equality, diversity & inclusion