Short Stories: Contributions from Independent Reviewing Officers


Over the next few months we want to build a collection of short stories, artwork and pictures. Contribute yours here and help us share the diversity of experience of Covid-19 at this important time in our history. With your help, we can build a portfolio of stories and artwork and films that reflect your experiences of Corvid-19. Your contribution can involve a piece of creative work, an image, a positive experience or a challenging experience.

We hope these stories will tell us something about people’s experiences of the different types of support, relationships, activities, approaches or actions and impact these have had for children living in care and care leavers during this crisis.

You can submit an entry online via the contribution form at the bottom of this page.



As you know things may seem a little tough right now, especially with not being able to see your loved ones or people that care for you as often as you are used to. I can imagine most of you that are reading this may feel alone, isolated or pretty much bored. Me too!

Times like this have made us realise how important human interaction is – even if it is just to be able to laugh, have a joke with someone or a statutory meeting with your social worker and other professionals.

Today I spoke with a care leaver who said she is feeling pretty upset that she is not able to see her friends or pop to her previous foster carers house for lunch. Little things like this mean a lot to her. I am sure you too have little things that were the normal part of your day to day life which has now stopped.

I want to encourage you all not loose heart, but rather to remain focused and motivated. Picking up a new skill during this time maybe very useful. You never know, you may be good at it! I realised that I am now getting better at ‘Life Admin’ and organising myself much more than I did before.

Stay connected online (where possible), but the most important thing is to remember to stay safe and to stay at home. Getting some fresh air if you can (with appropriate adult supervision) is also important and I encourage you do this.

This pandemic will not last forever and life will slowly return to ‘normal’ – whatever that looked like for you. Stay encouraged and together we can get through this!

Wishing you all the best,

Chris Morrison
Independent Reviewing Officer

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