Short Stories: Contributions from kinship carers


Over the next few months we want to build a collection of short stories, artwork and pictures. Contribute yours here and help us share the diversity of experience of Covid-19 at this important time in our history. With your help, we can build a portfolio of stories and artwork and films that reflect your experiences of Corvid-19. Your contribution can involve a piece of creative work, an image, a positive experience or a challenging experience.

We hope these stories will tell us something about people’s experiences of the different types of support, relationships, activities, approaches or actions and impact these have had for children living in care and care leavers during this crisis.

You can submit an entry online via the contribution form at the bottom of this page.


” School was very helpful” Initially ‘Ryan’ (name changed to protect anonymity) went to school as he is considered a vulnerable child due to his disabilities, however after a week I was worried about him bringing the virus home so I’ve home schooled him. School has been very helpful by ensuring I had food vouchers for him and supporting him with his school work. Thank goodness for the teaching staff, their patience & understanding of our situation that’s all I can say. I am considered vulnerable too due to my severe asthma so the virus is a real worry for me. If I come down with it, there is no one else to care for ‘Ryan’ or my own child. Keeping ‘Ryan’ busy throughout the day is very challenging and he struggles to be in the house for long periods. It’s a fine balancing act I can tell you”.

Shared 18.5.20 by @nikki_ledingham from a kinship carer

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