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Welcome to the South West Regional Page

Regional updates will be posted on this page including summary updates from regional meetings. The expectation is for each local authority to have IRO representation at each meeting. Failing this, our members should share an update via the template provided by the chairs.

Regional Leads / Chairs for the South West Region

Sarah Thayne| 

The Region

Bath and North East Somerset
Isles of Scilly
North Somerset
South Gloucestershire

Terms of Reference

These are available on the DfE website.

Regional Update

The South West region has an organised programme of regional meetings for IROs and IRO managers. The IRO regional meetings (SWIRO forum) was held three times a year but recently reduced to twice a year as there was not capacity to facilitate the meetings more frequently. These meetings are well attended by IROs and reported to be beneficial. There are separately two IRO managers meetings a year; the attendance at these meetings has been poor. The purpose of the meetings is to ensure an awareness of change and expectation of the role, allow a cohesive working and achieve positive change and outcomes for child looked after.

Upcoming Events

Unless otherwise stated, all regional meetings are held from 9.30am (arrival for coffee) and start 10am. We aim to finish by 3.30pm.

Date: 07/07/15 (IRO managers only); Venue: The Webbington Hotel, BS26 2HU; Chair: Carolyn Drew and Maria Finlayson

Date: 14/10/15 (SWIRO forum); Venue: The Webbington Hotel, BS26 2HU; Chair: Carolyn Drew and Maria Finlayson


We will be undertaking more work to build on regional representation and ownership in 2015 and the development of regional action plans linked to national priorities.

Workforce development

There have been some major changes in legislation and guidance this year. The region has discussed many of these and the impact it has on practice. Areas have shared their case loads and roles and their overall capacity, including the implications to practice.

The SWIRO forum had a barrister guest speaker to talk about the new PLO process; guest speakers to expand knowledge on children who are detained under mental health sections. The forum has considered the most recent research from UEA around Care Planning and the role of the IRO.

Action plan

The region plans to develop an action plan based on specific objectives set out in the partnerships national work plan.

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