Children ‘find ways to cope’ with domestic violence

A research report completed by Jane E. M Callaghan and Joanne H. Alexander (2015), suggests that children are often more resilient than they seem in dealing with the impact of domestic violence in their home.

The report recognises the significant suffering caused to children who experience domestic violence. However, it also sets out a parallel story about the capacity of children who experience domestic violence to cope, to maintain a sense of agency, to be resilient, and to find ways of resisting violence, and build a positive sense of who they are. The research suggests that children develop complex, creative ways to manage and cope.

The report concludes with recommendations for a shift in law and policy in order that children are better recognised as victims of domestic violence.

Read more:

Community Care Article: Children ‘find ways to cope’ with domestic violence

Full report: UNDERSTANDING AGENCY AND RESISTANCE STRATEGIES (UNARS): Children’s Experiences of Domestic Violence

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