‘Communicating social work’: Ideas for Practitioners

We’re always on the look out for blogs for our website. Here’s a great blog to help you on your way!

And it contains links to some great resources for ‘Growing Research in Practice’.

Write about social work in New Zealand

“I have always been captured by the notion that social work is the “art of the possible” and as social workers our task is to create opportunity and hope in the midst of uncertainty. This is really a challenge to creativity and soul. I have also realised in recent years that one way of making opportunities is to give voice to client stories through writing and introducing wider audiences to the experiences and issues we grapple with as we walk alongside our clients” (Vaughan- in Maidment & Milner, 2008, pp.1-2).

Sometimes a colleague might say to you “you should write that up”, sometimes it might be said by an assessor at your competency panel. A few years ago I attended a stunning case presentation by a social worker from a mental health service. It was an amazing piece of work, and as I listened to the presentation, in a building next door…

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