Care strategy for vulnerable children

Cambridgeshire Council has proposed a higher risk care strategy for its vulnerable children


Public services in Cambridgeshire are facing cuts of £120m over the next five years. Cambridgeshire County Council has said the cuts are needed because the authority will be getting less money from central government. The biggest reduction is expected to fall on the council’s care budget, which might lose around £10m.

Cambridgeshire have set out a strategy that includes asking communities and families to do more to support vulnerable people.

“We will shift our focus from meeting all the needs of the individuals we work with to building strength and capacity within people’s relationships and the networks available to them (be that in their families and/or wider communities) so that they can meet their own needs.” …

We must be clear, however, that there is an unprecedented level of risk within this approach. As we reduce the number of people who receive our specialist and intensive support and reduce the provision currently provided, it follows that more risk will be held within communities and families. This will, in some cases, lead to people being less safe and poorer outcomes for vulnerable people. Similarly, our workforce will need to operate within the context of this higher level of risk and will need very different skills from now.”


Communities across Cambridgeshire are being asked to have their say on how to meet the massive budget challenge facing them and the County.

See more about Cambridgeshire’s £100 million budget challenge:

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BBC News 26th October 2015 

Council proposes higher risk care strategy for vulnerable children

Tough choices for Cambridgeshire to meet £41 million savings


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