By your leave – life after care


What is it like to head out into the world after a life in care? 

Antonia Charlesworth interviews care leavers and assesses the government’s latest policies.


“For some, turning 18 will mean starting university, for others a first car, for many their first legal drink. These things mark a transition into adulthood and a new sense of independence. For a parent, going to sleep when their child is 17 and waking up when they’re 18 makes little difference. They will, most likely, cook their child’s meals, wash their clothes and pick up after them as before. Almost certainly, they will still worry about them every time they walk out of the front door. But what if entering legal adulthood marked the end of all those home comforts? For many children in care, this is a daunting reality.”

Read the full at article at source: By your leave – life after care | Big Issue North

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