NEW Young Parents Project

A Call for Evidence

The Family Rights Group are circulating a call for evidence to try and identify the approaches which local authorities are taking to working with younger parents (many of whom are care experienced or care leavers themselves). Responses can be given verbally or via email (with as much or as little detail as those responding have time to provide).  Information the types of interventions, service models and approaches to assessment being used with young parents families would be very helpful to gaining a better understanding of what is and is not working.

There is an overview of the project available here and there are onward links to the call for evidence there as well as the information leaflets about the project.

A project report to be disseminated in May 2016 with a national conference in June 2016.

If anyone reading about the project is interested in signposting a young parent to the Family Rights Group or if any practitioners are interesting in taking part in the research interview and focus group element of the project please contact:

Caroline Lynch
Policy Adviser – Young Parents Project

Family Rights Group
The Print House
18 Ashwin Street
London E8 3DL
Tel 020 7923 2628, Fax 020 7923 2683

Flyer: Call by the Family Rights Group for examples of services and practice models targeting young parents

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