Calling for an end to ‘cinderella service’


Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision

The Youth Select Committee has published its report on ‘Young People’s Mental Health’ today. The report calls for an end to the ‘cinderella service’ in mental health provision for young people.

The report, launched as part of Parliament Week, concludes that mental health services for young people are critically underfunded and that much work is needed to break down the stigma associated with mental health problems. The enquiry was triggered after the issue topped a British Youth Council poll of 968,942 young people in the UK.


Evidence was gathered from a range of witnesses, including charities, young people, academics, Ministers and health and education professionals. The Committee offers recommendations across three key areas: funding and the state of services, a role for education and awareness, stigma and digital culture.

Rhys Hart, Chair of the Youth Select Committee said:

“Our extensive investigation into young people’s mental health has given the committee insights into areas of improvement for mental health services. From the funding void, to a lack of cultural awareness, we have discovered a variety of issues which must be acted on without delay. With the active support of Ministers Alistair Burt and Sam Gyimah, the committee believes our recommendations can make a fundamental change in the foundations of the UK’s mental health provision and go even beyond that. The committee is very keen to hear the Government’s response to our recommendations.”

Read the report here: British Youth Council Select Committee (2015) Report: Young People’s Mental Health

Read the National IRO Manager Partnership submission here: Mental health and wellbeing of looked after children – written submission form


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