Section 20 arrangements shake-up expected for social workers following Munby guidance


Latest ruling from family courts chief could be as influential for practice with voluntary care arrangements as Re B-s has been in adoption.

Section 20 guidance for social workers

‘Munby’s guidance for social workers as set out in the Re N judgment:
– Where possible, the agreement of a parent to a section 20 arrangement should be properly recorded in writing and evidenced by the parent’s signature.
– The written document should be clear and precise and drafted in simple and straight-forward language that a parent can readily understand.
– The written document should spell out that the parent can “remove the child” from the local authority accommodation “at any time”.
– The written document should not seek to impose any fetters of the parent’s right to withdraw consent.
– Where the parent is not fluent in English, the written document should be translated into the parent’s own language and the parent should sign the foreign language text, adding, in the parent’s language, words to the effect that ‘I have read this document and I agree to its terms.’

Read the full article at source: Section 20 arrangements shake-up expected for social workers following Munby guidance


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