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New articles have been added to our Library. Check out the following sections and thank you so much to all the Authors for sharing their publications.


We are grateful to  Lecturer in Social Work, University of Salford for this article. Jameel is a member of The National Association of Youth Justice and The Howard League. In February 2014, Jameel Hadi received an MBE from Her Majesty The Queen for services to young people in the North West.

Hadi, Jameel (2016)  Institutional abuse: why we don’t listen to children behind bars

We are also grateful to Kev Edwards contributor to the Every Child Leaving Care Matters campaign group. Kev has shared the following post with us:

Edwards, Kev (2015) Swings ‘n’ Roundabouts

Family Support, Safeguarding & Child Protection

We are grateful to Sylvia Murphy Tighe HRB Research Fellow/Doctoral Student School of Nursing & Midwifery Trinity College Dublin.  Sylvia is currently writing up the findings and her PhD Thesis and this article is the first significant paper from the study and another paper is expected to be published in the coming months (A Typology of Concealed Pregnancy).

This study found a significant degree of pre-pregnancy trauma including child sexual abuse, sexual assault and women living with relationships characterised by violence. Initially Sylvia and her fellow researchers assumed that concealed pregnancy  may have been a phenomenon particularly related to Ireland’s strict cultural and religious history. However, they found very many contemporary cases internationally and similiar prevalence rates in other jurisdications eg. Germany, Wales, USA and Ireland. The article contends that the biomedical appraisal of concealed pregnancy is limited and women who conceal may require support and protection. An assertion made is that concealed pregnancy is a significant antecedent and urgently needs to be re-appraised from a traumatology perspective.

Tighe, S.M. & Laylor, J.G. (2015)   Concealed Pregnancy A Concept Analysis-2

Relationship-based Models of Practice

We are grateful to Dr Danielle Turney for these two great articles that address relationship-based practice. The first is a paper on neglect and the other is a more recent piece drawing on Recognition Theory to consider a relationship-based approach to work with ‘involuntary clients’ of child protection services.

Turney, D. & Tanner, K. (2001): Working with neglected children and their families, Journal of Social Work Practice: Psychotherapeutic Approaches in Health, Welfare and the Community, 15:2, 193-204 

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