Relationships and resilience

Photo credit_ Kathy Cassidy via _ CC BY-NC-SA

Dr Yvon Guest is a resilience worker, an activist, counsellor, trainer and researcher. Her blog is intended as a resource for everyone interested in issues that affect looked after children, care leavers and care experienced adults.

Worth following Yvon. Here’s an extract from one of her blogs:


‘Relationships with friends, teachers, mentors, carers, partners and in-laws have the power to transform a troubled life at any stage. Becoming a parent can be a healing experience, a positive turning point or embody hope for the future. The staff she encountered at Rehab created a life changing experience for Irene who was barely surviving as a heroin addicted prostitute. Many of the staff were themselves ex-drug addicts. This meant they really identified with what Irene had been through. They were non judgmental, loving and caring. She felt safe enough there to explore what had led to her addiction, to give up heroin and move beyond.’

Read in full at source: ‘Relationships and resilience’

Twitter: @YvonGuest

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