Rosie Canning – Aspire to More #ECLCM

via Rosie Canning – Aspire to More

I can remember when I first went to university in 1993 and was astounded when I began to realise that things in care hadn’t changed. Another twenty years, 2013, I met Ben Ashcroft, Ian Dickson, Lisa Cherry and Ed Nixon and we started the Every Child Leaving Care Matters campaign

Thank you Rosie for sharing your story of why we should aspire to more: By Rosie Canning

About Aspire to More

“Aspire To More” is a creative project delivered by Inspired Youth in partnership with the Children’s Rights and Advocacy Service which is part of City Of York Council. Working in close partnership with “Show Me That I Matter” (SMTIM) a group of care experienced young people also known as (CiCC) York’s Children in Care Council, we will embark on a journey with Inspired Youth to meet care leavers that have gone on in their lives to become a success.

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Aspire to More Role Models

Six successful role models who have come from care backgrounds to become high achievers were interviewed by SMTIM. To read their interviews click here.

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