Safeguarding – Evening Standard piece by Anne Longfield

Anne comments:

‘In this system, the more vulnerable the child, the more valuable to those running the gangs. They target children in care, those in supported accommodation, with learning disabilities or with no parental support, to gain a foothold in a local area. In this system, kids are used and discarded, absolutely replaceable: showered with gifts and promised glamour, they end up petrified, trapped, hurt, and sometimes dead’.

Read the full piece at source: How children’s wrecked lives ricochet through the generations

Learn more about Contextual Safeguarding

Contextual Safeguarding has been developed by Carlene Firmin at the University of Bedfordshire over the past six years to inform policy and practice approaches to safeguarding adolescents. Contextual Safeguarding is an approach to understanding, and responding to, young people’s experiences of significant harm beyond their families. It recognises that the different relationships that young people form in their neighbourhoods, schools and online can feature violence and abuse. Parents and carers have little influence over these contexts, and young people’s experiences of extra-familial abuse can undermine parent-child relationships.

Read more at source: Contextual Safeguarding: An overview of the operational, strategic and conceptual framework

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