2018 most-read posts

Here at NIROMP we would like to thank you all for your continued support. On this first day of 2019, we are taking a moment to share our top ten most-read posts of 2018. Happy New Year!

  1. “BT & GT (Children : twins – adoption) [2018] EWFC 76 (29 November 2018)”
  2.  “Multiple failings, IRO and whistleblowing | Suesspiciousminds”
  3. “Concern expressed over “”misleading” myth-busting guide”
  4. “Guest post | My thoughts on the role of the IRO | By Ian Dickson”
  5. “S (Recognising The Role of the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO)) [2018] EWFC 71 (08 November 2018)”
  6. “Care Proceedings in England: The case for clear blue water | Isabelle Trowler”
  7. “‘IROs often raise the alarm about a child’s situation …'”
  8. “Cafcass and the Work of Independent Reviewing Officers”
  9. “ABCD & E (Separating Siblings) and the role of the IRO”
  10. “Supreme Court outlines nine key principles of section 20 practice | Community Care”

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