Ministerial letter to children – what you should expect from your Child in Care Review

On 7th August NIROMP shared the story of a group of young people who had got in touch with the (now former) Children’s Minister. The group have shared a video to illustrate the problems with holding child in care reviews in school.

Affinity’s young person group, “Voices” created this video to illustrate the problems faced by children when their reviews are held in school:

The (now former) Children’s Minister, Nadhim Zahawi, wrote a letter of response to the children and asked that it be shared:

The letter contains a link to NIROMP’s strategic priorities document and a youth friendly version, setting out some of the work already being undertaken by us to address pockets of poor practice.

In response to the specific concerns raised in Affinity’s “Voices” video, the following additional actions are being taken:

  1. We are working with Become and Affinity’s Voices Group on guidance for young people, on what you should expect from your independent reviewing officer (IRO), what you should expect of your review and how to make sure you have an advocate if you want one.
  2. We are reaching out to Children in Care Councils and Participation Teams – about the development of our advisory group and how you can get involved.
  3. We are sharing messages across our regional IRO networks about what you should expect of your review.
  4. We are working with other organisations and groups to share messages about what you should expect of your review and how to feedback or report any issues or concerns.
  5. Progress will be reviewed at regional and national meetings.

What you can do

If you are unhappy with how your reviews are happening, the support you’re getting or you just don’t feel you’re being listened to, you can speak to an advocate.

Always Heard will put you in touch with an advocate if you don’t have one. They will always try to help you straight away. If they can’t, they’ll get back to you as soon as they can and always within 24 hours.

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