Scotland’s Care Review & NIROMP chair’s keynote

Scotland’s First National Reviewing Officers Conference

The conference was opened by the Chair of the Social Work Scotland Reviewing Officers Network, Derek Yeoman, and he welcomed Convenor of Social Work Scotland Kathryn Lindsay to give opening remarks.

Sharon Martin, chair of the National Independent Reviewing Officers Managers Partnership (NIROMP) gave a keynote speech describing practice in England, and considering areas of shared insight with Scotland. This was followed by a Q&A session.

Delegates received updates from Michael Stewart, Implementation Manager for the Independent Care Review:

Before breaking for lunch, Stirling Care Leavers group ran a role-playing session giving their perspective on the reviewing process.

During lunch, the event organisers filmed a short session of key people talking about the conference’s profile. Featured are Ben Farrugia, Director of Social Work Scotland, Sharon Martin, Chair of NIROMP, Derek Yeoman, Chair of the Social Work Scotland National RO network, and Aileen Nicol, Head of Improving Protection and Permanence at CELCIS:

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Social Work Scotland National Reviewing Officer Conference

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