Capturing, sharing and learning from change stories is a key component of the evidence and learning available within and across NIROMP’s regional networks.

In these troubling times it seems more important than ever that we share learning and support each other. Each of us holds a unique story. Sharing these can contribute to our understanding of different experiences of the Covid-19 crisis and may ultimately help us all.

Over the next few months we want to build a collection of short stories, artwork and pictures. Contribute yours and help us share the diversity of experience of Covid-19 at this important time in our history.


Your contribution can involve a piece of creative work, an image, a positive experience or a challenging experience.

We hope these stories will complement other sources of learning too, to provide powerful memorabilia for practice and policy development, as well as being useful for learning and reflection.

We hope these stories will tell us something about people’s experiences of the different types of support, relationships, activities, approaches or actions and impact these have had for children living in care and care leavers during this crisis.


We would particularly welcome short stories and / or artwork from:

  • children and young people living in care and adults with care experience
  • Parents, carers and families
  • Independent Reviewing Officers and IRO Managers
  • Social Workers, Teachers, Health Visitors and School Nurses
  • Anyone with experience of the care system


We are asking for straightforward, short stories or artwork that can help us better understand different journeys, unique and personal experiences of this crisis.

We would like to hear about the people that mattered – the quality of relationships, the initiatives, services, supports or developments. Stories can be written from the perspective of anyone who has current or recent experience of living in care or supporting a child in care or ‘leaving care’, your story of the change that occurred through this crisis.

For example, you can contribute by sharing:

  • examples of use of technology to communicate with and involve children
  • example of an interaction with a child, young person, parent or carer;
  • new tools developed over this period;
  • artwork or images; or
  • your experiences of interactions and practice with parents / carers / professionals.

The learning from this current crisis will continue to inform how IROs and wider services evolve in the future and how we build something new and better together.


Visit our portfolio page for examples of stories and artwork collated so far.

See our participation guidelines – please keep in mind people’s privacy, do not breach confidentiality and ensure anonymity to protect others identity.

Please submit your short story via the online form below. Photos and artwork can be shared via direct message to: @NIROMP2 or @SharonLMartin1

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