Digital access must be seen as a right, not a privilege

NIROMP supports calls for digital access to be seen as a right not a privilege for people with care-experience.

Problems of loneliness, lack of opportunity, and debt from being unemployed can be avoided  when people are supported with digital devices and internet access.

The government’s decision to withdraw  internet access and digital devices for ‘care leavers’ is tragic to see. We expect to see mental health issues further exacerbated by this withdrawal of vital support.

Care should be everlasting. To see this withdrawal of care and support ahead of England’s first Care Review is very disappointing.

Luke Fox is care-experienced. In this piece for CYPNow, Luke explains the impact that this decision to end this government scheme will have on the lives of care-experienced young people. Read: Digital access must be seen as a right, not a privilege

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