Now published: first reports from Ofsted’s autumn visits to schools and children’s homes

Ofsted has published the first reports on how schools and children’s homes are addressing the needs of children at this time.

In the 70 children’s homes visited for the social care research, staff have worked hard to maintain an environment that is COVID secure, while keeping children’s spirits up. Where restrictions allowed for it, staff continued to facilitate children’s visits to friends, and contact with families, often making use of technology to do so.

In a commentary highlighting the findings from the two reports, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman said:

We have been hearing directly from the leaders of schools and children’s homes, so we can help others understand what’s being achieved in extraordinary circumstances – whether that’s parents, other professionals working in these fields, or the government.

Strong leadership and committed staff are key to making the best of this challenging time. The member of staff at a children’s home who isolated with a child who was displaying COVID-19 symptoms so they did not feel alone, stands out. But so does the determination, expressed by many of the school leaders we spoke to, that the pupils currently under their care and guidance must not come to be defined as ‘the COVID generation’. They deserve much more than that.

Read the full piece at source: HERE

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