Education Secretary urges overhaul of adoption system

Education Secretary @GavinWilliamson, in a speech and Question and Answer session hosted by @Coram, has outlined his plans to “break down the barriers to adoption, to help children find the love and stability they desperately need.”

The Secretary of State points to “overly bureaucratic system that is putting too high a burden on potential adopters, putting off people from coming forward”.

Responding to the Secretary of State’s speech on adoption Jenny Cole’s, ADCS President, comments:

ADCS members are committed to encouraging a widening of the debate about adoption to fully recognise the value of all forms of permanence for the children in our care, many children get the stability and love they need in foster care, residential care, kinship care or special guardianship arrangements, for example. Above all else, it is important that the needs and best interests of each individual child always remains at the heart of decision making.”

NIROMP is in full agreement with the response issued by ADCS President Jenny Coles. Read the ADCS response: HERE

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