The children’s commissioner for England, Anne Longfield sets out the choices facing politicians and calls on them to act.

Today the Children’s Commissioner for England held a live virtual event, presenting her vision for a better care system for children ahead of the upcoming care review. She reflected on what she has learnt from children and young people in the 6 years she has been Commissioner, and how they have felt about the care and support they have received. Drawing on new research conducted by her office and stories shared with the Commissioner, including through her helpline, the keynote laid bare the flaws in the social care system and outlined the ways it must change to become more ambitious for children.

“I often talk about the choices facing politicians – and this is one of them. You know the system is failing thousands of children, you know it needs urgent reform and you know it can’t survive for much longer without serious investment.

– Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England

You can listen to ⁦@annelongfield⁩’s speech about the future of children’s social care live on YouTube now. We’ll also be hearing from children in care about their experiences. 

We also recommend having a read of Anne Longfield’s twitter thread: HERE

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