‘Putting care experienced people at the heart of the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care’ | @RebekahPierre92 @BASW_UK

A moving and constructive blog by Rebekah Pierre on the vital contributions of care experienced people to the review of children’s social care in England. Rebekah strongly recommends people read the ‘Our Care Our Say’ report, and she suggests 5 ways that the care review can break down the walls of silence for care experienced people. An excellent piece.

I feel it is important to focus on those who may never have their names in print. Or, if they do, the context may be very different; statistically, the names of care leavers are highly likely to feature on prison document (with care leavers representing 24 to 27% of the adult prison population), or an inquiry into a premature death (being twice as likely to die earlier). But not on shiny, important policy documents or in the press – unless for the wrong reasons.

Diverse Community

The care experienced community is rich and diverse, and cuts across every intersection of society ranging from race to gender, LGBT+ to neurodiversity, to name but a few. My voice is just one of many.

I strongly recommend readers to refer to ‘Our Care Our Say’, a report written by other care experienced people setting out advice for those leading the review.

BASW England Professional Officer Rebekah Pierre, 10 February 2021

Read full piece at source: Blog: ‘Putting care experienced people at the heart of the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care’

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