Free event: Racial disproportionality in youth diversion | Centre for Justice Innovation

Racial disproportionality in youth diversion
Tuesday, 30 March 2021
10:30 – 12:00
Free, online

In his 2017 review of racial disparity in the criminal justice system, Rt Hon. David Lammy MP highlighted that racial disparity in the youth justice system was his ‘biggest concern’.

You are invited to attend the online launch of the Centre for Justice Innovation’s new research report ‘Racial disproportionality in youth diversion’, which takes an in-depth look at the unequal playing field that exists for young people in the youth justice system, and their participation in diversion schemes.

Our findings from interviews with practitioners and young people , give us hope that with a commitment to changing how youth diversion operates, all children and young people, regardless of their background, can be offered a chance to change their behaviour and realise their future potential.

The event will consist of a presentation on the research findings by the report’s authors, as well as a panel discussion reflecting on the themes raised by the report. Joining us on our panel will be:

  • Keith Fraser – Chair, Youth Justice Board
  • Francesca Fadda-Archibald – Team Leader (Prevention & Diversion), Young Hackney
  • Aisha Ofori – Research Officer, Centre for Justice Innovation
  • Stephen Whitehead – Head of Evidence and Data, Centre for Justice Innovation
  • Sophie Wainwright – Criminal Justice Policy & Campaigns Officer, The Traveller Movement

Register for this event: HERE

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